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The Hikers Network is a non-profit, community orientated organisation whose main aim is to educate, inform and introduce the community to the many facets of hiking and all related activity. The Hikers Network offers its support to its numerous affiliated clubs and social hiking groups by acting as an advisory body. This ensures that all information regarding hikes, events and associated activities of its member clubs is relayed to the community at large.

By hosting expositions and workshops at community centres, schools and shopping malls, The Hikers Network is able to make hiking readily accessible to everyone. By availing ourselves, The Hikers Network (upon request), to lead hikes for the elderly, otherwise abled, visually or audibly impaired, young and old alike, we are able to dispel the notion that hiking is an activity which only a select few could experience and enjoy. Individuals previously uninformed of our natural mountainous beauty or those intimidated by the notion of walking in unfamiliar surrounds, can, by joining any of our affiliated clubs, be assured that all stringent safety rules as well as the experience and knowledge of our hike leaders would suffice to introduce and encourage the most inexperienced hiking enthusiast to a memorable hiking encounter.

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