Boland 90

Boland 90

The Boland 90 is a hiking challenge held every year during the September/October school holidays. The challenge is run on the format of 4 persons per team. The team has to start and finish the challenge together to qualify for any of the prizes. The different categories are:

Mens (4 men or 3 men and 1 woman)
Ladies (4 women)
Mixed (2 men and 2 women or 1 man and 3 women)
Veterans (Men or women over the age of 50)
Scholar (4 School attending children under 18 years)

The Boland 90 is organised by the Hiking Federation, Cape Nature Conservation and is sponsored by HITEC. It takes place on the popular, but demanding Boland Hiking Trail.

In Association with
Cape Peninsula National Park

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